Oh.. its valentines


So its valentines day again.

Am i the only person that thinks valentines day is overrated ? I see it as a day for business more than anything else… Flower prices go up the roof , shops are super busy with last minutes buyers looking for something “romantic” to give to their partners… People really do feel pressured around this day.. me and my fiance agreed not to celebrate this day and I must say I felt quite relieved when I realised he feels the same way about it…

But for those who love valentines day and do celebrate it enjoy your day 🙂 kiss alot hug alot give present alot (or little … or any..) but love each other everyday most of all…

Happy Valentines day




Exciting times

Have I mentioned that am getting married in a few days?No?

Well I am!!!!! And whoo whoo to that !!i absolutely love were we getting married !

Bad Gastein in Austria! everyone should visit this beautiful place either in the summer or winter ,it’s beautiful all year round.

f you planning on getting married abroad have a look at this hotel  Grunner Baum. Around it sits the protected national park. this is a trully beautiful location in the valey of bad gastein . Here’s the link

These are some pictures we took last year when we visit 🙂

We can’t wait to go back there in a weeks time and experienced all again, and of course this time will be extra special as it is our wedding and we will have all the loved ones there to share it with 🙂

So i will comeback again to write more about this page of my book. Might take a few days as now the busy days will start with friends coming over for the wedding and final preparations etc.. I look forward to share it with whoever reads this 🙂






My very first post

I am a mum of boy/girl twins ( little monsters) , maddly in love with my partener (soon to be husband) Scott (another monster).

I am from Portugal,he’s from England, we met in Jersey, live in Switzerland and getting married in Austria.. its complicated haha .

Welcome to my blog.It will be about the next chapter of my life’s book. I choosen to leave some of the other chapters behind.

Oh, this will include all sorts.

What i dream of when am awake, things i want to do but probably wont, things i want to try and probably will, things at which i will terribly fail and things (hopefully many) that i will succed (whoo whoo) . Places i want to visit, and there are so many, my hopes,etc….

Let’s see how it goes 🙂