My very first post

I am a mum of boy/girl twins ( little monsters) , maddly in love with my partener (soon to be husband) Scott (another monster).

I am from Portugal,he’s from England, we met in Jersey, live in Switzerland and getting married in Austria.. its complicated haha .

Welcome to my blog.It will be about the next chapter of my life’s book. I choosen to leave some of the other chapters behind.

Oh, this will include all sorts.

What i dream of when am awake, things i want to do but probably wont, things i want to try and probably will, things at which i will terribly fail and things (hopefully many) that i will succed (whoo whoo) . Places i want to visit, and there are so many, my hopes,etc….

Let’s see how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚



10 thoughts on “My very first post

      • weebluemixer says:

        Thanks for reading my blog and your lovely comments. I would love it if you tried some of my recipes, its always good to get feedback. I do tend towards baking cakes as my hubbie is a rugby playing farmer who loves sweet things! In each post at the bottom of the page there should be a reply box or on the home page under the title of post there should be a ” post a comment”. If its not there let me know and I’ll investigate. I’m new to blogging too so still finding my way around things! I’m not the most technologically minded! x

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