Tried it , loved it


You know when you type arrrggg for frustration or brrrr for cold etc? What will you type for when you put the kids into bed after a long day of cbeebies and peppa pig and “mummy Lincoln pushed meeeeee” or “mummy Summer hit meeeee” and finally you realize that all is quiet and you can finally sat down on the sofa?? relieve… anyway.. now that I am sat on the sofa and have a bit of time to myself i’ll write a quick post about something I tried and loved 🙂

We all heard about coconut oil rite? And we all been expose to the enourmous list of benefits that comes from it rite?

Well yesterday I came across a list on facebook. One of the benefits is that it makes your hair shinier and smoother so I thought “Well might as well try it. Whats the worse that can happen? Get a very greasy hair?” So I did . And oh my goodness  it works!! Ok it took me a couple of washes to get the oil off my hair (oh crap this does not come off ,I thought) but it did . After blow dry and straighten my hair it looks fantastic 🙂 soooo soft !! I was so impressed i wanted to share 🙂

So take it from me ladies coconut oil is the nuts ! Oh and i tried it on my hands (couldn’t really avoid it lol ) they were very smooth even after washing up etc..

Have a read to all different benefits that come from this amazing natural ingredient  here and maybe give it a try after all whats the worst that can happen?

Now to tidy up toys arrrrggggggg !!! 😉

Love M

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