Weekly photo challenge:Face


Please let me introduce you to Lincoln !He is my son! My best boy in the world!

Lincoln is three years old! He is funny as a little boy can be . He is sweet and kind and give the best cuddles in the world! He loves cars,planes and trains . Ocasionaly he will play with something else but not for long. He is just lovely and I love him with all my heart! Forever!


And let me introduce you to Summer!

She is Lincoln’s twin sister. She is a very cheecky little monkey, a missy knows it all and very stuburn just like her daddy 😁 and mummy 😁.

She loves playing with anything, she’s very curious about everything. She loves cuddles and gives the best kisses in the world! She is so lovely and I love her with all my heart!Forever!

These are my photos for the face photo challenge and if you would like to see photos from other bloggers click here

Love M


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