Monday Window


It’s monday window challenge time.

This is a typical swiss window. This one I have spotted on a abandoned barn in the park where I take my kiddies! Althouhg it’s been vandalised is still in my eyes a very beautiful window. The little hearts does it for me 🙂


I love this tiny little window! Found it in a litle chapel on a graveyard in the Channel Islands Jersey. Beautiful place!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Love M


13 thoughts on “Monday Window

  1. Marga Demmers says:

    Great shots. I like the Jersey one best, because of the bench and the shadow of the streetlamp. It gives the scene a lot of atmosphere. Many years ago we have been in Jersey to celebrate my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary and we were enchanted by the island. Would like to go back there.


  2. Sue Ranscht says:

    Such beautiful craftsmanship. Do the little hearts in the barn window shutters have any significance? If they don’t, why do you suppose someone chose to put them there for a barn?


  3. Ludwig says:

    Wonderful windows, both!
    Sorry that your post didn’t show up for me yesterday and wasn’t included in the review. I will correct that later today. Welcome to Monday Window!

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