She dosn’t say mummy anymore..


Shes growing up too fast…


One day she will go her way to explore this world …


I will be so proud of her as I am today…

She dosn’t call me mummy anymore…

Love M


Feeling blessed

Rite now this is where I am with the kiddies! On the beautiful Zurich lake ! 

Just feeling blessed and grateful for being able to live in such an amazing country !

Just wanted to share 🙂 

Love M

Tuesday Flower


I have no idea what these pretty little flowers are called!! But I absolutely love them! So delicate and beautiful!


These i found in the woods on one of my friday morning walks.

Anyone care to help me find the name for these? 🙂

Love M

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge


Walking thought the forest in Antzmaning  you will come across a wooden gate.. You open the gate and come across some sort of cave.. And in that cave is a big spider!!!!! That one in the photo!!! It is fake of course but scary nevertheless!

I don’t really know what is the purpose of this gate inviting you in and then the spider there… It is ODD!

Photo for cee OBPC



For those who love curry check my fellow blogger’s blog!! Amazing recipes! If this doesn’t look yummy I dont know what does 😋

Anyone 4 Curry & Other Things

(Malayalam: പച്ചടി)


The last week has been quite a bit hectic on the social front – meaning, eating out nearly every day! And this is not good for me, not good at all – tell me friends how does it happen that one always eats a bit more when one does not have to cook oneself?

So in order to get back into my (healthy) eating routine I made a wonderful little treat for myself.

P….P….Pachadi! It is most delicious, refreshing and healthy and is normally served as a side dish, a wonderful accompaniment for plain rice, snacks like dosa and idli and goes especially well with hot and spicy curries. You can even find this and other Pachadi’s in top international Indian Restaurants.

Pachadi is also part of the traditional Kerala Onam Sadya and is also often served at weddings (and all this on the traditional…

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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 30 – ‘After’


After a beautiful day in the mountains in Antzmanig ,after so much fun in the forest exploring and having ice creams we came home very tired..

I was very excited to load the photos I’ve took onto the laptop to see if ,unlike Saturday, I had any good photos!

I must say I was quite pleased 🙂

And after a tiny bit of editing here and there i’ve chosen this photo for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 30 – ‘After’

It was a great day indeed and the views were extraordinary!

Love M