Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Beautiful Zurich! Some of it’s beautiful buildings!

Photos for  Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: All About Cities (Skylines To Street Photography) check it out for more wonderful photos from other Bloggers 🙂

Love M


12 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

      • Sue Ranscht says:

        I live in San Diego, California. It’s in the southwest corner of the country (ignoring Hawaii for just this moment 😉 ), right on the border with Mexico. We have the Pacific on our western edge, a different country to the south, mountains with forests and beyond that, desert to the east, and Disneyland to the north, just before Los Angeles. Everything’s within easy driving distance — Disneyland’s only 2 hours away — we have every kind of landscape to choose from!

        Even though the Spaniards founded San Diego in 1769 — before America was even a country — that’s not even 300 years of history. Sure, there were Native Americans (or Indians, as Columbus called them), but their cultures were pretty much destroyed by the invading White Man. Sigh. Not like Europe, where you can look back thousands of years.


      • thegirlthatdreamsawake says:

        I know that history might give some sort of a deeper feeling to a country but you live in a beautifull one!!!! ok it might not have lots of history now but it did once. I would just love love love to visit your country! Disneyland is massively on my list and probably in about 2 years i will take my kids there! will i be looking for history? no! i will be amazed at the beauty and all the nice awsome things i will be able to do ! 🙂

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