Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge:Week27-‘Vintage’


I came across this scotter today! It is one of those little rides for kiddies where you incert a coin and it goes on for a few minutes. My kids love this!

Is it vintage?

When I look at it it takes me back to about 25 years ago when my mum would take us to the supermarket and one of these would be outside. My mum would always try to distract us from it but with no success ! If she didn’t have a coin oh boy melt down !

So I would say it is vintage ! ๐Ÿ˜‚ And it dosn’t really look new anyway. It is out of service for a reason haha !

This photo I took with Hugh’s weekly challenge: week 27- ‘vintage’ย in mind! Take a peek to see other amazing bloggers photos !

Love M


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