Catching Up


As my UPP (Ultimate Photography Programe) course comes close to an end it’s time to really focus and study,make notes, read, re-read, take photos ,lots of photos and catch up on the class recordings.

So today I really had to multitask!

I had to be a housewife.Cleaning,cooking,a bit of laundry, a bit of food shopping.

I had to be a mum. Again , cleaning, cooking, atend to demands, stop fights, give cuddles and kisses, and play..

And I need to be on student mode…still… Lots of coffee for me  indeed!☕️

How I do it ? God knows! But I do and I love it ! All of it!

When the time come that I don’t have to do it anymore than it will become a problem. I won’t know what to do with myself.

What are you doing now? A course ? Do you have a hobby you love? I would love to hear about it!

P.s  I have another course lined up before this one even finishes 😬

Love M






22 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    I am writing, one manuscript will be ready November time to start my quest for an Agent ( as long as it doesn’t need another revise), two more ticking away around chapter six for one and nine for another. Finished my second on- line editing course. I am in the last 200 for an international literary prize 15000 started, I am writing a humerous series that stretches my funnybone; weekly on my blog. When I can’t write I can’t breathe… So regardless I will write.😇


  2. Tammy says:

    I am spring cleaning my website and starting an FB group called Get the Gratitude ……… just like you, it is being driven by a course …… a course I have just started (gulp!) and I can foresee so so much work ahead of me!!!! Oh dear!!!!

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  3. Tara Giroud says:

    Congrats on your goals! I’m really at the beginning of committing to those goals. I have wanted to for so long but it always seems in fits and starts. So now, I’ve dusted off my old manuscript from a couple of years ago and just started my first rewrite, I’ve launched a writing critique group in my city, as well as a book club, I’m learning every day about the blog I started last year and still trying to figure out all of that and social media. I’m trying to learn German and waiting to learn more about a running injury I’ve had for a year now hoping we’re finally on the right track so I can get back to my “therapy.” 🙂 I love hearing about all of the great things people are doing for themselves. Wishing you all the best on your next course.


  4. Stacy says:

    I’m also feeling tugged in lots of directions! Lots of commitments to get to by the end of the month! I’m happy for the opportunities but I’m also not quite used to deadlines anymore, lol!! Go Marisa! 🙂

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  5. Kate Orson says:

    what is your new course? It’s so nice to find our passions and things we are interested in. I’m trying to carve out time to work on a new book, feeling very inspired, and looking forward to my daughter starting Kindergarten in August and having more time for work!


    • thegirlthatdreamsawake says:

      AH kindergarten how i long for it! i still have to wait 1 more year 😩
      I am starting a Lightroom cc course:) is to do with photography too 🙂
      It is a great feeling when you find something you are passionate about. It took me along time to figured it out :)thank you for stoping by 🙂

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  6. Johanna says:

    Multitasking all day long, every Moment of every day, it seems! If not physically (cooking+ breastfeeding + opening a stuck Lego) then mentally (planning, brainstorming, planning, , critiquing..). I have forgotten how to turn off! And studying with two small children, a husband with a busy work schedule that often means working away, no family on this side of the world, writing a blog, writing articles for publication, running two very active Facebook groups… yeah I’m pretty tired 😉

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  7. Lindsey McLean says:

    Fabulous! It’s so hard to juggle it all. Stay present and enjoy. I sometimes think I have too many hobbies. I just wind up dabbling in all of them. Knitting, Ukulele, Photography, Writing, new to Gardening, really interested in Calligraphy. HA! Too much on top of two kids and a full-time blog as well as freelance social media management. 😉 Oh well! Hobbies are important. They fill us with joy.


  8. aleblogs4u says:

    Wow so many active women here! So inspiring and intimidating at the same time… It seems I have so much on my plate but staring at my keyboard I’m not sure what to write :-/ I currently love blogging but don’t have or make time for it on regular basis. Unpacked and finished our place after move, that took a lot of time but even more of my energy and most of my time was spent so far praying for my youngest one to start to sleep through the night.. seems that started to work this week 😉 getting ready for holidays, little break on the sun and beach and when back I hope to be well enough to resume my studies, homeopathy is my passion and ultimate goal. Lovely post, thank you


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