A Bit Shocked 

So today I got my new iphone 6 s delivered (courtesy of my lovely mum,yes I am a 35 year old woman that still get gifts from mummy 😁) and after setting all up like icloud, keychains etc, I wanted to know what this ‘iphone6 picture quality is amazingly good’ was all about!

I have seen some pictures before that were taking with this phone and I found them really good but nothing like try it for yourself rite?

So I was a bit shocked!

None of these photos were touched whatsoever !No filter, nothing!Straight from the phone!

The quality is really really good ! The sutter speed is fantastic ! Even photos of small things,for example those pink flowers, were really good ! For such small little flower I was still able to capture alot of detail on it!

The detail of the water on the first picture is quite sharp!

Now, am not saying this will replace a camera because it just won’t !There is so much more I can do with a camera that is not ever possible with this phone, at least not yet :), but for a day to day photography is just perfect. I think I will be able to achive alot with this phone not to mention is much easier to carry of course than a camera with lenses, tripod etc…

So now, what do you think of these photos? Do you think they are actually good quality? Sharp enough? Or is it just me wanting to see that they are actually good? And by good I don’t mean the composition,subject etc.. I just mean quality .

Would love to know what you all think 🙂

Love M


24 thoughts on “A Bit Shocked 

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    I love the water in one but adore the boy more. 😇 the flowers are stunning but… i want to see who lives up the tree. He is hiding but I know he’s there😀
    If you post it to me I could test it… After all if I take a good picture then it would be a magnificent camera.


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