First Day Of Summer


Is the first day of Summer and what best way to start it other than having a yummy ice cream!!!!!? For sure the kids will agree with this idea.

Now the plan was to go out for a walk in the forest then to the park and then have an ice cream ,but little poppet (Summer Anne) all of the sudden has temperature !😳

Now Lincoln (Summer’s twin brother ) won’t be very happy about this😔 but lucky for him we have some ice creams (just like the one in the photo) in the freezer so I guess our first day of Summer will be looking after Summer and having ice creams in the balcony while everyone else is out there enjoying the nice weather ! For once is a nice day here in staffa(Zurich) beacause latey it’s been very uggly rainy days all around!

What are you doing on this fine first day of Summer?

Whatever you do enjoy it ☺️


Love M


5 thoughts on “First Day Of Summer

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    I was held hostage by a huge Japaneese digger and a thumping great truck, having the drive re surfaced is tantamount to screaming in a train tunnel. But on the bright side I wrote for six hours and couldn’t possibly clean as there is no point until it’s finished. First day of Summer bought rain that had the river rushing angrily by a stirring up soil from the river bed.The river is at the bottom of our garden. But I sat out in the warm rain and watched a kingfisher use the river as his personal runway, listened to a fox calling her cubs and burrower bees flit busily from my roses to their home in the lawn laden with pollen. My first day like all days made me glad to be alive. X😇get well soon Summer.


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