Tuesday Flower

So many of the lovely bloggers I follow do this “flower of the day” post and I love looking at all of them .

So I will try something simmilar and do a Tuesday Flower post every tuesday (of course) .

Well this will work untill I run out of flowers to take photos of, then I will find another topic for my tuesday posts.😁

I have one problem. I love flowers but let’s be honest I probably know the name of a hand full of them and that’s about it ,so I will ask my lovely followers to help me find out their names 🙂 and share their photos of the same flower if they have one !

How does that sound?

Ok so here’s my flower for my very first Tuesday Flower post!

Love M

P.S- I think these ones are called daisys . I might be wrong 😛




9 thoughts on “Tuesday Flower

  1. survivednarc says:

    Beautiful! I love flowers too and actually made 2 long photo posts once, with only flowers from botanic gardens.. 😊

    I wonder if that is a special kind of daisies that you have there… I think there is the large kind, that is yellow in the middle and with white petals, and then the small kind that looks a bit different… but I dont know what the small ones are called… perhaps just daisies, aswell.. 😊

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