Macro Moments Week 1


This is the first week for a new great challenge ! Macro Moments  !

Great theme Susan!

I found this tiny guy hidden under a leaf in a garden near were I live!

Love M


12 thoughts on “Macro Moments Week 1

      • survivednarc says:

        Indeed! If you don’t mind me asking a question about your post… When I saw your post in the WordPress “Reader” feed, I saw a photo of a flower with a bumble bee on it… was that your “Featured Image” for this post? (You know, the featured image that you can select when you edit the post, to kind of like “promote” the post…).
        If so, how did you get that “Featured Image” to not show above your post, on your blog’s own webpage? (Because I visited your blog’s home page, and only saw the picture of the strawberry)…

        Sorry if bothering u with this question😉.. it’s just that I have been searching forever for a way to include a featured image, that will only show in the Reader and not on my blog’s front page.. 😊 🌷

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      • survivednarc says:

        Ah I see.. I remember when I had a (that is, free version of blogging account), then sometimes that thing would happen to me too, a bit randomly… it could also be if I had experimented and put in one photo in my post, and then changed it to another photo. Then for some reason the first photo would ‘stick around’ anyway, like that… 😱 haha. 🤔


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