Ok I have gonne a bit crazy with the HDR but I quite like it!

What do you , lovely bloggers, think of HDR ?

This one was taken  with iphone6s and touched in Lighroom .

Love M

Photo for B&W  photo challnege by Cee 




7 thoughts on “Sunflower!

  1. Sue Ranscht says:

    When you use HDR to accomplish what HDR is intended to accomplish, it can be the perfect solution to unfriendly lighting.

    I appreciate HDR when it’s subtle and enhancing. I think you’ve managed to hold back just far enough to avoid going over the edge, and allow your treatment to create definition, detail, and clarity. When HDR is heavy-handed and overdone, it leaves halo edges and makes everything look dirty and flat. It’s how I imagine birds of prey see: everything has the same amount of detail, so everything comes to the fore, it just always looks ugly to me.

    But subtle handling can be beautiful.


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