Fun at the Farm!

In the town next door to us ,Raperswill, there is a beautifull little farm called Jucker Farm . There are actually 2 of them but this one is the closest one to us! We love coming in here!

The entrance is free and there is a beautiful restaurant/coffee shop where they serve all homemade food and all the fruit from the farm. Thats how they make their money.

Kids are happy to be jumping on the straw for hours while we just relax having a drink in the sun ☀️

This place is just beautiful and I hope my photos do justice to it!

Love M


23 thoughts on “Fun at the Farm!

  1. Kate Orson says:

    I love the picture of the flowers! This looks like a lot of fun. My daughter just had her last day at a playgroup on a farm, and we all went on a tractor ride to celebrate!

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  2. Johanna says:

    Love the photo of all the pallets with the pot plants — I’d love to be able to do something like this myself! We love heading here too. Others seem to go to Rapperswil for the castle and the boats, we go for the farm. 😀


  3. mominzurich says:

    We love Jucker Farm. It’s such a fun day trip and the food is great. My girls love the shop inside with all the fresh produce and samples. The pumpkin festival in the autumn was absolutely gorgeous.

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