Yesterday Was Not Sunday


I seam to be quite confused with my days !

I have just realised (a day after) that I have created a post yesterday entitled Sunday beauty when in reality it was Saturday!😳

I apolosize for the confusion 🙂

Yesterday it was a good day dispite the rain that did not stop falling from early hours in the morning to late hours at nite!

There is a street party,if you like, happening here in Zurich.They call it Zurifaescht !  All over the town,in almost every street there is music, food, people selling all sorts of things, a few fairs , canoe races on the lake and fire works, lots of fire works which we did not get to see. At least not yesterday .

The rain was so bad that we had to force ourselfes to come back home. The kiddies were very tired and wet . On the train they almost feel asleep and that’s when I took this photo of Lincoln’s reflection on the window.

Hopefuly today we will be able to stay longer and see the fire works!The weather report shows NO rain ! But then yesterday it showed no rain and look what happen 🤔

Lovely sunday to all of you!

Love M


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