So far, out of the many books I have read there is been only one I read in about 2/3 days and that was ‘the shock of the fall’ by Nathan Filer. That up until now!

‘The alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho is now my favorite book of all times! It’s so beautiful to read, it just draws you to it! 

Magical is the word! 

If I could recommend one book this would be it! 

I now understand why everyone I know that loves books loves this writer! 

I won’t say anything about the book so not to spoil it if any of you decides to give it a go! But trust me when I say you will love it! 🙂 

Love M 


29 thoughts on “Magical! 

  1. survivednarc says:

    I really liked that one but it was many years ago I read it. But I remember liking the ” feeling” in it. I rarely remember the whole story of a book many years later, only if I liked the feeling the book gave me. Another book that gave me similar good feeling, was “A thousand splendid suns”, so I would recommend that to you, if you havent read it. It is not similar stories perhaps, but it was also a truly beautiful book that gave an amazing feeling when reading it… 🙂

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