Oh yes! Figs!


Only me and my mum knows how much I love figs! When I was little I used to clime up the fig tree in our backgarden and just sit there eating them! No I wouldn’t bring them down to share! That’s how much I loved them and still do! I mean they are not my very favourite fruit but probably the second!

Found these in the shops today and my eyes just went wide open when I spooted them so yes I had to get them! And they are soooo good!!

I love seasonal fruits!

What are your favourite fruits?


20 thoughts on “Oh yes! Figs!

  1. prior.. says:

    I like star fruits and when I was younger, my grandmother had a plum tree – so like your figs, that is a memory I have.
    and by the way – your photos are beautiful – of the inside and out. mmmm

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  2. Nadine says:

    So you finally had figs, they look delicious.
    I’m vegeterian so fruit and vegetables are my life, it is hard for me to pick a particular fruit as my favorite: berries, watermelon, figs, grapes, mango. etc

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