Thank you Ever So Much!


I can’t quite believe it!! 500 and so followers! Thank you ever so much ! Love to all of you!! ❤️

Love M


About This Book..


This book was written by my fellow blogger Charles E.Waugh and I would just like to call some attention to it !

I have just finished reading it and I must say it was a great book! Very easy to read which I love, with short chapters which I also love (lets say I have very short attention spam ) and the story keeps you griped from start to finish!

I don’t want to give too much away so I would just say this book transports you to a different world where the impossible might happen.

Dear Charles I am not very good at giving reviews but I want you to know I trully enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the 2nd one! I want to see more of Sted 😉

Now dear bloogers have a look at this book! You can get in on amazon .

I promisse you it’s worth it!

Oh and i don’t like to brag but i have a signed and dated copy of the book 😁 Oh yes i do!!! 😛

Love M


So far, out of the many books I have read there is been only one I read in about 2/3 days and that was ‘the shock of the fall’ by Nathan Filer. That up until now!

‘The alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho is now my favorite book of all times! It’s so beautiful to read, it just draws you to it! 

Magical is the word! 

If I could recommend one book this would be it! 

I now understand why everyone I know that loves books loves this writer! 

I won’t say anything about the book so not to spoil it if any of you decides to give it a go! But trust me when I say you will love it! 🙂 

Love M 

Another Special Delivery!


I probably should mention that I am a sucker for books! I LOVE reading!I wish I had more free time to read but with 3 1/2 year old twinnies to look after all day that can be hard at times 😂. I mostly read in bed before going to sleep,which sometimes is not great because if I am reading something really good that can mean I will go to sleep very late and in the next day kiddies have to deal with zombie mummy 😂

So these are my last addition to my small library 🙂

I have just finished readding Adultery by Paulo Coelho and I absolutely loved it. It was my first Paulo Coelho and yes I am now one of the many many many people in this world that loves his books. So much so that I went and bought The Alchemist wich I am very much looking forward to read.

How do you choose your books? I usualy do this: (my husband says am nuts lol ) I look at the cover (I like it) I read the tittle (I like it) and I buy it! No I don’t read what the book is about! I let it surprise me! And i’ll tell you this : so far I only got disapointed once! 🙂 Not bad hey?

So there it is my new little bundle!

What are you reading at the moment? Got any sugestions for me?

Love M